• Top/down Firing Speakers
  • Delivers the truest sound

  • Single Mode: Limited and optimized the reception of microphone under 45 degree. You can have a short meeting with the client even at a noisy coffee shop. Optimised for Cortana

  • Multi Mode: Microphone will accept the voice from 180 degree, optimized the voice while there are many people joining the meeting. Best for human voice
  • Dolby Atmo
  • Surround sound experience for multiple listeners

  • Full HD IR camera
    Hi resolution for more clarity

  • AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) : Use Realtek’s AEC* to eliminate echo from speaker and microphone, also can lower the noise. Peak output 2 to 25 times without damaging speakers


Now you can feature your own logo on the cover of Primus NX301 and customise the BIOS logo to make your corporate identity standout on whatever basis.

*Customization serves for business organizations only. Please contact us for more information.


Equipped with 8th Gen. Intel Whiskey Lake CPU processor, NX301 is designed for what’s coming next. Intel Core i7-8765U consists of 4 cores and is 48% more efficient than the previous 7th generation. NX301 is also built with multiple ports including USB-C which supports Thunderbolt 3. Together with our specially designed thermal system, NX301 is guaranteed for the best performance.


Primus NX301 is made from an ultra-light premium metal alloy to achieve delicate design. With Alumni CNC for front and back and Magnesium-Aluminum for two sides, NX301 is still able to keep its weight at 1.25kg. It’s therefore highly portable and strong. Built with world-class quality and reliability, NX301 is your best business partner.


NX301 features a flat screen design. By simply clicking on F7, you can instantly turn your documents flat around and share with your colleagues and customers easily during meeting.


No matter where you use your Primus notebooks, your security is always our top priority. Primus NX301 is built with full support for Windows Hello. Using bio identification technology, you can log in with both facial recognition and fingerprint. In addition, our IR camera provides easy and fast access with Windows Hello. You can also use many other 3rd party applications which are compatible with Windows Hello.

NX301 also equips with Integrated Fingerprint Power Switch (optional). The login will be completed at the same time when you are switching on your laptop.

NX301 also comes with a manual camera shutter for enhanced privacy. This allows you to manually turn on or off the camera. The webcam applications will be atomically off when the shutter is closed.



High Temp.

25°C - 65°C
24hr cycles

Low Temp.

-20°C over
72hr cycles

Temp. Shock

-50°C to 96°C change


95% humidity at 65°C

Thaw / Freeze

-10°C to room temp.

Sand and Dust

< 150μm dust, 12hr cycles


Multiple tests of high vibration


Shock pulses and acceleration tests


Operable at 15,000 ft.


28 days germination / 90% humidity / 30 degree

Contamination by Fluids

Chemical fluid 8 hours brush


24hr cycles solar radiation

Explosive Atm.

Withstand explosions in atmosphere

Shipboard Vibration

1 to 100 Hz, 2hr


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