AVITA: Stay At Home Essentials
Chic Innovation to Stay Connected 
Since the outbreak of pandemic, AVITA is determined to empower our customers by providing with the high quality laptops and innovation for video conferencing, e-Learning and work from home solution. With the further tightened social distancing measures among regions, it is inevitable that “Stay at home” economy still prevails, with consumers remains at home for a longer time than ever, a suitable laptop can definitely enable everyone to meet their needs, at the same time without stepping out of the doorstep in order to keep up the momentum with no regards of physical boundaries and stay connected with those whom are close and or afar.
Under this circumstance, we proudly introduce following two “Chic Essential” laptops:
AVITA ESSENTIAL Lite – Rediscovered the Beauty in Lite derived from Renaissance Art Form for today’s Trend Setters
Ever since the launch of LIBER V and Admiror, AVITA has always been recognized and renowned ourselves as a “Tech Fashion” brand by combing eye-catching colours in our product design concept for crafting our laptops into a work of art. In this season, AVITA further took this approach into a new level with the launch of ESSENTIAL Lite.  AVITA has re-discovered the beauty in “lite”; we have reimagined the visual and practical features of its ESSENTIAL Lite range with exquisite craftsmanship. Inspired by the art form characteristics derived from the Renaissance era, this ingenious art piece alike laptop offers a lightweight and hassle-free body at 1kg*, which serves as a stylish device for multiple users with various usage from home entertainment to sharing among peers. Unrestricted in use through its light weigh, ESSENTIAL Lite is equipped with 14” FHD display with IPS anti-glare feature, and the ultra-narrow bezel with just 4mm and 20mm thick to create ultimate visual enjoyment. Pre-installed with Windows 11 Home version and a new user interface packed with intuitive features, the device allows users to operate multiple applications at the same time, enjoying gaming, entertainment and communication in full. ESSENTIAL Lite embodies excellent attitude and practical functionality, together with a full-sized island-style keyboard and a suite of connection ports, offering flexible and convenient usage. ESSENTIAL Lite is aimed at users seeking casual performance for light entertainment, daily office work, and / or e-learning.
AVITA SATUS – New product series to prepare for a Successful Life Journey to sow
For those who finds ESSENTIAL Lite to be relatively crafty and fancy, AVITA SATUS Series would come in handy to fulfil your practical needs. Announced in 2022’s AVITA product roadmap, the series’ name ‘SATUS’ is derived from the Latin word meaning ‘Start’ and ‘Growth’, it is also elaborated as ‘sowing’ and ‘seeding’. The design concept of AVITA SATUS being the ‘first PC’ for a new generation of young users. Whilst the first market-wide launch of SATUS S102 is an uncommon 15.6” form factor; it is intended for ‘New Normal’ and distance learning as such.
AVITA SATUS S102 leverages minimalist and neat design in neutral color tone, just the right way to present an aesthetic design of simplicity, an expression of ingenious, and be realistic without going too flashy. Equipped with FHD IPS screen, 178 degrees wide viewing angle to enable sharp display and visual impact in any angle. The thoughtful Product Design team of AVITA believes that ‘Successful product design should be user oriented and aim for improving their experience over time.’ It is observed that it is quite common for students to use their parents' tablet device to learn from home. Although the tablet device is light and mobile, the screen size and resolution are not as ideal. In Hong Kong, it has been reported that as many as 60%# of students came with unpleasant sediment about not being able to meet or interact with their classmates accordingly. Often the split window function from a tablet device is smaller which led to unclear vision, often leads to lower engagement for end-users during use. Therefore, SATUS S102’s 15.6” screen size could solve such inconvenience, while its ultra-wide-angle display helps restore and provide with realistic and delicate visuals from multiple angle. This device can be used for home entertainment such as Mobile Home Theater or Internet device, and make video calls with friends overseas. SATUS S102 to enable you to feel more and stay connected despite of physical environment and boundaries.
In additions, AVITA SATUS S Series is certainly the optimal ‘First PC’ for many, equipped with dual core Intel® Celeron® N4020 CPU for reliable and responsive performance.  Built-in 8GB LPDDR4 memory, whether it is for Word processing, presentations or video calls can be processed without hindrance. The built-in SSD drive also enables Windows 10 operating system to start up swiftly. Hence, providing stable access to documents and ensuring the data safety. Moreover, a Mini HDMI port and a MicroSD/TFcard slot are equipped, allowing users to connect to other external devices for presentation use and expand the storage capacity of their choice anytime without limits.
Taking the speed and smoothness of processing clerical or daily tasks into account, AVITA SATUS S series comes with a full-size island-style keyboard as well as a numeric keyboard* to facilitate calculations. Each key is accurately adjusted to help improve typing comfort and flexibility in order to cater for different study or work needs.