The Next Visionary
Nexstgo joins CES 2021 to debut new architecture built around the needs of the world’s top content creators with new AVITA fashion tech
Launch of flagship AVITA ADMIROR II lets creators shoot, edit and livestream on-the-fly, with cutting-edge bezel-housed ring light for elegant self-media capture
Announcing 2021 product line-up plan with AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Mobile processor-powered devices and strategic partnership with Loupedeck for a complete AVITA user journey
Nexstgo AVITA joins the technology industry’s standout worldwide attraction in 2021 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES2021), as its digital-only edition brings together leaders and innovators from across the sector’s ecosystem. “Do What The Giants Can’t” has been the mantra of Nexstgo whilst walking a path of innovation. From upstart in 2016 to CES Awards Honoree last year for its ADMIROR series in the ‘Computer Hardware & Components category, Nexstgo’s “The Next Visionary” product release philosophy is designed to harmonize new ways of succeeding into the lives of people, as they evolve their work, leisure and content production around the changing demands of tomorrow.
For CES 2021, Nexstgo is showcasing the most complete brand experience of the Tech-Fashion AVITA brand. It introduces ADMIROR II, the next generation of the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree AVITA ADMIROR, which follows the legacy of ADMIROR to draw inspiration from architecture and high fashion, boasting an aesthetic beauty to captivate users. AVITA’s brand character exhibits modernism and sharp, colorful design, a response to demand from fashion-conscious users who “wear” their laptops as part of everyday life, whilst also requiring high-performance processing power. AVITA plans to add 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Tiger Lake Processors and AMD RyzenTM 5000 Series Mobile processors to AVITA model ranges in 2021, in addition to its latest range of accessories by AVITA UBIQUE.
Inspire The Next Visionary - AVITA partners with Loupedeck to fully unlock the brand’s ‘Creator DNA’
Reflecting the brand’s focus on enabling creators to realize their own next vision for excellence, AVITA announces to establish a strategic partnership with Loupedeck. Loupedeck’s editing consoles have become a vital part of producing digital content. By partnering with Loupedeck, AVITA ADMIROR II allows users to benefit from greatly simplified workflows and easily discover new editing techniques which release the true potential of a next generation of creators.
“Our vision for AVITA is to develop products that bring technology breakthroughs to users and shapes the future,” explains Alex Chung, CEO of Nexstgo. “In 2021, we will continue to adhere to this customer-centric approach in designing AVITA products and customized services that meet customers’ expectations to enrich people’s everyday lives. We will continue to expand our strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Loupedeck in the near future, as we expand our offering and boost our AVITA user experience to offer best-in-class products across every market, including ‘the Next Visionary’ generation of pro content creators and fashion-conscious lifestyle consumers.”
The Creator PC - AVITA ADMIROR II: Overcome all limitations in creating the self-media masterworks of tomorrow
Content is king. This adage echoes true in recent times, but scaling that seemingly unassailable mountain of becoming a member of the world’s “most-followed” content creator royalty relies on a shooting and editing solution designed around your ideas. It requires removing any inhibitor to your creativity to set you on the road to micro-stardom in a world of intense channel competition. Now anyone can be their own inspired content creator.
AVITA ADMIROR II builds on the accolades of the previous CES Award-winning ADMIROR, and is designed with a raft of first-in-class features that energize your quest for content that thrills, engages, inspires interaction, and drives those all-essential channel metrics. Master exceptional video production/live streaming that people love to follow, and social media photo enablement & curation that drives your peers to seek you out.
The form factor, software and hardware of ADMIROR II was hewn to address all of these self-production considerations. With 3-Camera Mode comprising Close-up, Medium Close-up and Wider Shot lenses, ADMIROR II delivers exactly what modern creators need, enabling broadcasters to record action in full, vibrant detail. A ring light housed in the bezel helps to generate consistent, gently diffused lighting which bring scenes to life and your live-casting events directly to eager fans. ADMIROR II liberates users from hassle-ridden, troublesome setup issues. Just fire up and create; you’re good to go immediately and make a success of your channel. Coupled with dynamic audio performance and integrated subwoofer system, you can now tailor your content experience to the most demanding of viewers and listeners.
Amazing choice, intelligent design and a multitude of inspiring aesthetics across several ranges of new devices, including AVITA LIBER V14 + V13 now with advanced CPU power
The AVITA product line-up represents a statement of high fashion - “the laptop you wear” - married to powerful technology that serves the busy lifestyle needs of a generation of talented, image-oriented creators. An extension of one’s own dynamic personality and exhibiting stylish form and a multitude of vibrant color options, AVITA LIBER V lets you tell your own story.
During 2021, Nexstgo plans to introduce advanced CPU models for both Intel (11th Gen Intel® Core™ Tiger Lake Processor) and AMD (Ryzen 5000 Series Mobile processors) to AVITA LIBER V14’s post-modern inspired design, complete with its boundless ultra-narrow bezel presented in a wide palette of colorways.
11th Gen Intel® Core™ Tiger Lake Processor brings a 20% improvement in performance and a 500% improvement when running AI-orientated tasks, enabling LIBER V14 to offer a doubling of graphics performance during processor-intensive tasks such as gaming. Whether enjoying true color representations for work or for entertainment, LIBER V14 enables users to achieve work-life balance, performing optimally all day for demanding workflows whilst providing excellent CPU performance for winding-down activities by nightfall.
AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Mobile processors also debuts in the LIBER V14 line-up, with its Zen 3 architecture able to extract an average of 19% additional performance from every MHz of frequency relative to the previous generation. The latest processor delivers an average 26% better gaming performance over AMD RyzenTM 3000 Series. AVITA LIBER V13 meanwhile offers high productivity functionality with the vitality of performance for you to enjoy work, study and entertainment from anywhere. LIBER V13 is ideal for work demands on-the-go, freelance project delivery, easy study and coursework production, as well as the chance to enjoy every opportunity to unwind when free time allows.
AVITA extends its brand concept to laptop accessories, taking freedom, diversity and personalization as the design blueprint, combining fashion and technology perfectly. The brand is expanding its accessories collection, AVITA UBIQUE, including true wireless earphones, laptop power bank and power hub, mouse and keyboards. Regardless of the selected design, color options and choice of materials, AVITA UBIQUE escalates the fashion-minded brand spirit to the next level, whilst offering first-class comfort and convenience with the best in functionality.
THE NEXT VISIONARY – come visit ‘NEXSTGO’ and the AVITA lifestyle laptop showcase at CES 2021: