Nexstgo Unveils Next Milestone in Company’s Expansion Plans
at its Fourth Anniversary
Launching NEXSTMALL BIZ, the exclusive commercial eCommerce platform

Nexstgo, the new international brand of digital innovative products, today celebrated its fourth-year anniversary and announced its latest business strategies to capture opportunities emerged from the increasing connected and digitalised world. Since its inauguration, Nexstgo has been committed to investing in research and development (R&D) and product designs, as well as manufacturing and servicing capabilities, aiming to bring the technology start-up to international status.
“Nexstgo’s vision is to develop products that brings technology breakthroughs to users and shapes the future abiding to our motto ‘Do What the Giants Can’t,’ explained Alex Chung, Nexstgo CEO and co-founder. “Over the last four years, we have been responsible for bringing a number of innovations to power people in their work and lives, with exponential company growth as a result. Moving forward, we will continue to evolve this customer-centric approach in designing products and customised services that meet customers’ expectations.”
Nexstgo’s new strategies focus on three key areas: creating products to support increasingly virtual working and lifestyle environments; leveraging e-Commerce trends to support customer interactions, and developing smart devices to enrich people’s everyday lives, especially in the healthcare area.
Success in product and customer segmentation
Nexstgo conducts comprehensive studies to understand customer behaviours and preferences when it comes to design and the development of products.
Nexstgo believes that a laptop is not only a tool but also representative of one’s identity and fashion style. With this belief, Nexstgo continues to roll out new generations of AVITA laptops in a variety of colours, patterns and design elements, that are light and thin and powered by state-of-the-art technologies. Targeting millennials and the younger consumer segment that are looking for their next tech statement through bold colours, it enabled Nexstgo to develop first-of-its-kind “Technology + Fashion” approach for its AVITA laptop products. Nexstgo also received accolades such as 2020 CES Innovation Awards and 2019 Computex Best Choice Award, marking its international presences and recognition.
In addition to establishing its own brands, Nexstgo also partners with industry leaders. The company created a win-win alliance with VAIO, in which the two companies share the same vision in producing top quality products for business executives. Building on Nexstgo’s solid design and technology foundation and VAIO’s powerful brand positioning, the two companies developed a new series of stylish and powerful laptops for the lucrative high-end market amongst professionals and demanding users in Asia.
In aligning the Nexstgo brand with AVITA and VAIO, the company created a holistic and integrated multi-brand strategy that has driven Nexstgo’s fast-track growth. Supported by strong manufacturing and R&D capabilities, Nexstgo has launched over 100 innovative products in the last three years. With aggressive market-penetrating marketing campaigns and fast geographic expansion, Nexstgo has achieved impressive growth and is now operating in 20 markets across the globe.
Next milestone for Nexstgo
As the company looks to the future, Nexstgo has announced three new strategies to mark its next business milestone.
Nexstgo will continue to focus on technologies and products that enable people to work and live better in a more connected virtual world. In the aftermath of the pandemic, Nexstgo advocates to develop technologies transforming the user experience in learning, working, entertainment and social interactions. New high-quality audio-visual features, more intuitive product designs and user interfaces, superior processing power and connectivity are all critical elements to fulfil ever more demanding user expectations.
Nexstgo supports small and medium enterprises by utilizing e-Commerce trends to create platforms for interactive customer engagement. The newly launched NEXSTMALL BIZ platform focuses on the commercial segment by offering full laptop product portfolio of the company’s three brands NEXSTGO, VAIO, AVITA and the total digitalization solutions for business, such as one-stop professional IT service, remote conferencing and VPN security solutions, to empower working performance for corporate clients.
Nexstgo is developing a holistic approach to address people’s growing need in smart devices for health. Leveraging the IoT (Internet of Things), Nexstgo enables customers to live better and smarter through devices such as smart mirror and smart scales providing fun along with convenience, as people are seeking better and healthier lives. Nexstgo also plays a part in the community by donating laptops for those in need and providing special offers to students for aid in their e-learning.
“2020 has been full of challenges and yet at the same time we also see new opportunities,” said Mr. Chung. “By identifying market changes, focusing on customer needs and developing products and services that support our customers’ requirements, we are confident that the company will continue to grow across regions, whilst at the same time giving back to society through our technology solutions.”